WordPress Hosting

We believe in ensuring that you put all your precious time and resources to growth, rather than worrying about anything related to your WordPress hosting. Our persistent and exemplary support will keep your stress at the bay, and we promise not to let you worry about security, features, and comfort! We’ve nailed everything for you!

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting

Our WordPress Hosting Environment

The ultimate compilation of hosting components for exceptional WordPress Performance


CloudLinux – A Lightweight virtualized environment: We use an exceptional OS, which has been designed for the utmost in stability, security and intensity with regards to your WordPress hosting needs.

LiteSpeed WebServer – High Performance WebServer: To speed up your website performance and reduce the server load, our WordPress hosting plans are powered by Litespeed web server and they are pre-configured with LS WordPress Cache plugins. These plugins will use smart caching to enable the pages to load much faster.

PHP7 – The Latest Coding Platform: For top-of-the-class coding performance improvements and superior security, we ensure that you have the latest and greatest PHP environment.

CDN*** – Fastest Content Delivery: We provide you with a completely free CDN service, so as to accelerate the delivery of your static WordPress files.

CloudFlare – A Web Application Firewall: Ideal for protecting your WordPress website against malicious DDoS attacks, as well as handily speeding up access to your content with the perennially useful CloudFlare Proxy Servers.

Yoast – SEO Ranking Plugin: Ideal for optimizing your website for search engines, allowing your website to increase its ranking with the ever-important search engines.

Our WordPress Hosting Architecture

This is our ultimate WordPress Hosting Server Architecture, with which, we perfectly handle even the heaviest traffic flow

wordpress hosting infrastructure

Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Free SSL Certificates

An SSL provides a secure connection to your website, allows for eCommerce, and protects personal information for added security.

FREE Domain Name for 1st Year

One year of domain registration is included with each new VPS. After the initial year, the domain can be renewed at market price.

Access Control

Create passwords that grant access to specific aspects of your account. Issue one for ownership information, one for server administration, and/or one master password for everything

Database Management

Easily organize, edit, and manage databases directly on the server with our custom-designed database manager.

Advanced Capabilities

Our VPS servers are designed from the ground up to support everything you could need, like Secure Shell (SSH) access, server-side includes, log file access and web-based managers for files, databases, and email. Customize your own .htaccess files, cron jobs, and php.ini files.

Domain Privacy + Protection

Help to prevent identity theft, spam, and phishing attacks by masking the personal information associated with your domain name. Receive SMS alerts (message and data rates may apply) for changes to your domain and avoid domain blacklists with Domain Privacy + Protection.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

24/7 Award Winning Support

We will assign an account manager who will take care of the social media improvement of your business. We provide both customer and technical support 24/7. Contact us for more information.

Unlimited Support & Updates

We provide unlimited updates for the purchased service with fully customized features. Our support team is always stand by for your requirements. Contact us for more information